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Raspberry Pi powered LED Lamp + Light Controller App

I have a Raspberry Pi hooked up to a few LED strips. It is running Node JS server that has a Rest API. I also made an iOS app that interacts with the Rest API and can change colors that those LED strips display.

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Raspbery Pi NodeJS Javascript Swift iOS

Status: In use.

Space Jam

Ai Agents in space doing stuff.

Click Here to load Space Jam.
Unity C# 2D Simulation Behave Trees

Status: On hold since 2018.

Run Birdman Run

Help poor Birdman survive as long as possible against all odds. Avoid treacherous terrain and silly, but deadly enemies. Figure out how to stop running!

Click Here to load Run Birdman Run.
Unity C# 2D Platformer

Status: Live on iOS App Store. Currently abandoned.

Rad Rax

It's like Mad Max, but has more Rs. You pilot a tank platform through endless landscapes and fight off relentless enemies.

Click Here to load Rad Rax.
Unity C# 3D Endless Runner Voxel Engine

Status: Currently abandoned.

Cubes (Visualizations)

Just random stuff I made in Unity.

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Unity C# 3D Shaders Audio Unity FX

Status: Lives on through web experiments.


Art piece I worked on as a part of the Flaming Lotus Girls. While this is very different from other projects on this website, I am really proud of the work i did on it. Most of the work I did for the project is in fabrication of the actual structure, but I got to put some electronic components together, assemble boards, hook up HSUs and write a little bit of code.

Click Here to check out Pulse.
Python Raspberry Pi

Status: 2018 BMan.